Chinese Fertility Herbs: Safe enough for kids!

The use of an effective fertility herb can help some couples successfully conceive a child. Infertility is generally not considered to be an issue unless a couple has been having trouble getting pregnant for more than one year. Infertility problems are often attributed to the woman. However, the National Institutes of Health points out that in an equal number of cases, the man is the one who is infertile. Fortunately, most couples who get treatment for their infertility eventually become parents.

An ovulation test is an excellent way of predicting the woman’s most fertile time. Knowledge of this increases chances of fertilization. Ovulation test works by detecting the luteinizing hormone (LH), hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland which prepares the endometrium for possible fertilization and implantation. Ovulation test alerts you of sudden increase in the LH and does help prepare the couple for a possible sexual activity within 12-24 hour period.

Fertility calculators may be kept by marking the starting dates of a womans period on a calendar over a period of several months. If there are 28 days between starting days of a womans period then a fertility calculator will predict ovulation the week after a period with optimal conception time 11 to 14 days after the starting day of a period.

Another one of the infertility herbs used is Dong Quai. Dong Quai is a Chinese herb used to treat fertility. This powerful herb is also known to help women resolve issues with menstruation. It is also used for its ability to restore balance to the womans estrogen levels. This herb can assist the woman with the process of implantation.

Another common fertility test that women use are over the counter ovulation test sticks. These you simply use during the morning, with your second morning urine. You let the test sit in a dry and flat area for about three minutes and then look at the results. If you have a control line that is darker than the test line then it shows that you are nearing ovulation.

There is also an all natural product called “Mothers Hope” This is perhaps the best fertility test and conception kit on the market. It is an all natural kit that includes a three months supply of vitamins for both man and woman. The male product is called “Fathers Hope” You will also get 24 ovulation test strips, an ovulation calendar and 6 pregnancy test strips to confirm pregnancy. For more information on this product you check out their website at

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