Enpark presents Green Brunch

Scheduled for today, November 23, 2010, the Energy and Environment Park (ENPARK) will be hosting the “Green Brunch” as part of its ongoing series at Amwaj Rotana hotel in Dubai.

The theme of this event is in line with Enpark’s visionary goal, which is to offer world class sustainable lifestyle to the region and beyond. Enpark is a Free Zone, where clean energy and environmental technology companies operate, and is also a member of the ‘Tecom Investments Sciences Cluster.’

Today’s event is aims to shed light on the following issues: the region’s composite challenge of fading aquifers (reserves containing naturally occurring underground water), the system of desalinating sea water and meeting the demands of the expanding population growth in the country.

Dr. Ayesha M. Abdullah, Managing Director of Tecom’s Science Cluster, quoted that, “we have already entered a phase in human civilization where water management needs to be the prerogative of countries around the world, and not only of those that receive scant rainfall. This Green Brunch event will prove an ideal networking opportunity for industry peers in the UAE and for those who wish to learn about the practical application of water management technologies.”

Moreover, Ahmed Lootah, Senior Business Development Manager at Enpark emphasized that, “as the earth’s natural sources of fresh water diminish and the global population increases, proactive engagement will be needed by governments, businesses and communities. We are confident this installment of the Green Brunch series will focus on regional case studies and expertise, and point a direction towards shared responsibility.”

Enpark partners are conducting studies to investigate these recurring problems and planning to divide their work as follows: Averda , a unit in the cleaning collection and disposal waste sector will focus on environmental finances; Dynamics Energy and Water Solutions will cover the dangers involved with drinking bottled water and; Bauer International will oversee the various stages of water purification from an environmental perspective.

Furthermore, Ali Bin Towaih, Executive Director of Enpark has echoed the company’s sentiments regarding the environmental problems. He was quoted as saying, “water is one of this region’s most valuable resources, and how it is consumed is something that must be taken seriously by everyone. As Dubai continues to grow, the water requirements of the emirate will rise exponentially.”

Mr. Towaih is optimistic about the upcoming event, “this conference is a great tool to empower organizations and individuals in the region to seek better and more efficient ways to utilize water conservation. It is hoped that conferences such as these will shed more light on how we can ensure the preservation of this precious resource for future generations.”

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