Getting Over Rejection – Don’t Turn Into A Victim And Allow It To Destroy Your Life!

It appears to me that the intensity of the kind of reaction somebody has to a ‘rejection’ is inversely proportional to the faith they have in their concept of a higher power. 

Let’s say a person has little belief in anything more perceptive, orderly, or organized than himself. He relies only upon his thinking for guidance, and doesn’t believe in any type of bigger picture than what he can perceive with his five senses.

When an individual with that mindset thinks he has found his one and only, but she doesn’t share his perception, then every little thing goes out of whack in his world. His life feels wrong, like it’s departing from its path. He tries to reason with her, to convince her that she ought to stay, that she’s making a mistake, because without her, his life feels empty.

She may look at their plight to be a simple case of incompatibility in some essential area, but he perceives an individual rejection, and feels as if there is certainly something wrong with him that he has to fix. 

By comparison, let’s look in on a person of faith, whether it is religious, spiritual, or contemplative. When she gets the memo that a brand new prospect does not feel the exact same kind of potential for a healthy and growing partnership that she does, her reaction happens on another level. 

She may feel some despair or sadness, but she does not perceive his opinion as a statement of judgment about who she is. She does not go on a campaign to woo him back. She doesn’t begin a self-improvement campaign to fix all her flaws. 

She trusts that the companion she is seeking won’t need convincing. She surrenders to the bigger plan, knowing she may only have the ability to see a step or two ahead of where she is, but never doubting that she will arrive at her destination. 

Conscious of the comforting and continuous presence of her inner guide, she does not feel alone, left behind, or out of place. She lets go, and allows herself to encounter her emotional response to losing, and then moves on.

So, focus a lot more of your energy on creating a relationship with a greater power bigger than your mind and senses, and much less of your energy on finding your best match. Then you can marvel within the graciousness of letting individuals come and go, as they are wired to do, and you are going to feel the freedom to do the same.

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