Right Before Falling Head Over Heels In Love Ask Her Ten Significant Questions

You’ve just met somebody and immediately you’ve clicked. The chemistry is extraordinary and you’d like to spend the rest of your life with this person! Life never ever looked better! But wait a minute. You hardly know each other.

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Meanwhile, I’ve listed ten simple points to ask each other before you get to love’s point of no return. If this seems a bit clinical, consider it as a blueprint of your long term lives together.

1. Ask one another what your beliefs are on a scale of 1 – 10. 

2. Ask what you actually do not value on scale of 1 – 10.

3. Would you both want kids? If only one wants youngsters, is there an alternative and is this issue negotiable?

4. Who will be the breadwinner soon after the baby is born? It is definitely not dad anymore. Are you equally okay with who will probably be the major breadwinner?

5. Assuming you both were employed prior to young children, ask yourselves once you turn into a parent how long will it be just before you return to paid work. I make this point simply because from experience that while the majority of couples I have met are okay with the conventional scenario of the spouse remaining at home with the youngsters, some men have resented this.

6. What do you expect to see from each other in sickness and in health? Ask one another what you expect from them. In return, let your lover know what you will personally bring into the relationship and what you will continue to give the partnership.

7. What will you forgive/not forgive of each other’s behaviors? For example, infidelity or lying.

8. Do you have a spare time activity you could both share? List all of the really amazing things you could do together.

9. Will there be occasions when you want to do things alone? For instance, boys/girls night outs, fishing trip with the boys/girls etc. Is this okay to you?

10. Is there something that annoys you about your companion already? Do you want to accept annoyances?

Secretly thinking that your companion will come around to your mentality sooner or later could possibly be setting yourself up for disappointment. There’s also the risk of blame and anger if you are unable to alter something you assumed you could.

Accept that nothing in life is perfect. Life could be said to be perfectly imperfect.

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