What Does The Man On The Clapham Omnibus Make Of It All?

What The Man On The Street Thinks

People are constantly worried about the state of the economy, their personal finances and most importantly what is going to happen with their jobsJust this week a road haulage company shut down overnight locking drivers out of their work and only letting one or two in at a time to collect personal posessions from their cabsThe government explains the cuts in spending and tax increases it is making by constantly blaming the previous administration while providing no genuine advice or solutions other than limiting public spending and increasing taxation; an economic policy which appears to be based on ideology rather than genuine economics since that policy has never worked in the pastEinstein defined madness as performing the same action over and over while expecting a different outcome.

So what about theat man on the Clapham omnibus when the next tanda of public spending cuts and increased taxes hitHe’s paying more to have less spent on him and he’s expected to just put up with it because that’s what the last government left behindWell, that’s hardly fair is itEspecially since the Conservative party is meant to be about laissez faire government and low taxesThe labour government is accused of spending what it didn’t have but having sold everything last time they were in government the Conservatives are now talking about selling off national woodland to help balance the booksWhat are they going to do when th e cupboard is totally bare and there really is nothing left of our children’s birthright to sellThe Government try to worry us that Britain will loose its creditos personales with the World Bank if we don’t do something quick but the recession is global, if we have debts so does everyone elseIn such poor condition are some that countries including weaker European states such as Greece and Spain are forced to introduce harsh austerity measures while going cap in hand to ask for prestamos inmediatos from the International Monetary Fund.

The answer to the debt problem cannot be solved by making swingeing cuts to the national economy, what need to happen is to either call in our international debts or mutually agree to write off the debts that we share with other nationsIt’s an irony of international trade that if we owe X country £10b and they owe us £11b we still appear to be in debt by that £10b, not in fact in credit to the tune of £1bIf we were told what our country is owed as well as what we ourselves owe to others we’d all sleep much easier.

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