What Regulations can be Placed on Hand Car Washes?

Unless you’ve had your head in the sand for the past ten years you’ve no doubt noticed the amount of hand car washes popping up all over the place. These small business operations set up in defunct petrol stations or supermarket car parks offer a quick, cheap car wash done by hand that takes place while you wait. If anything they are quicker than a mechanical hand wash and give a better finish that only a human can achieve, the other advantage is that they can valet the inside of your car as well giving it a thorough hoover, polish and clear out. These are becoming incredibly popular due to their low price and ease of use, the time saving is valuable considering it would take the average person a good couple of hours to wash their car by hand, longer than it takes to write a car reviews!


The problem is that these operations are putting traditional mechanical car washing business out of business, they simply cannot compete on price and are being rudely barged out of the marketplace by these new plucky rivals. For this reason owners of mechanical washers are kicking up a fuss and finding loopholes in the law that threaten hand-washer’s livelihoods. First, many workers at these operations are given cash in hand and pay no tax when washing Audi cars. Second there are several illegal immigrant workers earning a living off of this business, and thirdly the hand washes are not obeying environmental guidelines.


The mechanical guys appear to have plenty of ammunition but the problem is enforcing it. Because there are so many hand wash establishment opening up, policing the workforce which is constantly regenerating is neigh on impossible. Measuring waste is also tricky, the amount of grease, grime, acids and alkalines that come off a new cars body are pollutants and go against the strict environmental rules brought in in most other industry sectors.

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